Tim Hortons not only cuts employee paid breaks, but also Timbit numbers!

A few months ago, Tim Hortons made headlines for cutting their employees’ paid breaks in order to make up for the increase in minimum wage.  Now they’re taking even most cost-cutting measures by decreasing the number of Timbits in each box.  This is the third time in a row that I’ve ordered a 20-pack of Timbits and have received fewer than 20.  I normally wouldn’t even think to count, but when you open the box and it’s half empty (see pic below) you clearly know they are not putting the 20 Timbits they are supposed to.  In this example there were only 17.  The previous box I purchased had as few as 16!

When I bring these Timbits back to my team, they accuse me of eating 1/4 of them and there’s not enough to go around.  Please fill these boxes to the levels they are intended to be filled to!


Thank you,

The Dollar Defender

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