McDonald’s doesn’t allow customization on touch screen order system

McDonald’s is no longer allowing its customers to customize their order on the touch screen.  Sure, you can remove or double-up on the ingredients already included on your sandwich, but if I want to add a different item (for example onions) to my junior chicken then I need to do this at the in-person cashier.

I do not approve of this new change and don’t understand why McDonald’s chose to remove this ability, taking away the ability for its customers to use this convenient ordering option.


  1. Do you realize how many ingredients they have available? Plus this option was never available in the first place. When using the automated kiosk, the only ingredients you are shown is what is normally included on the sandwich.

    • Hi Stephan, when they first introduced the kiosk ordering system one of their marketing features was that you could customize your order. For months I was able to add, for example, onions (or literally any other topping) on my junior chicken right at the kiosk. It would tell you if it was a free upgrade or if you had to pay. For example, adding bacon would cost $0.50 or so. Now the only way to customize your burger is to order from a live cashier. This has ruined my McDonald’s experience!

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