How to use Ebates to get cash back on gift cards and things you will buy anyways

I’m usually here to warn you about scams or companies that are trying to take advantage of you.  Today, I’m going to share a quick tip on how I save/make back money on things I’m going to buy anyway.  (The important thing is that I’m buying all of this anyways)

If you haven’t heard of Ebates yet, then I’ll give you a very quick summary of what they do.  Before you buy literally anything, go to the ebates.ca website first and then go to the store you want to buy from.  Here are my three biggest tips for using Ebates:

  1. Check the “Gift Card Shop” tab often!  They offer up to 12% cash back on some gift cards.  Even if it’s just 2% back like the Loblaws gift cards, I’m going to spend around $200 any time I go there so I order $200 in Loblaws gift cards, get 2% cash back from ebates.ca and get another 2% cash back via points on my credit card.  If you’re buying groceries without using this system, you’re throwing your money away!

  2. For pretty much everything else you need to buy, they offer up to 4% cash back on Amazon purchases.  Since Amazon sells almost everything you need, simply go to Ebates.ca first, then click on Amazon, and you’re on your way to getting 4% cash back (+2% from the credit card again).
  3. Sign up right now using this link and you’ll get an immediate $5 to get your account started.

Shopping online without using Ebates is not recommended by The Dollar Defender!

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