Do not buy Logitech remotes – impossible to update and no one cares!

I’ve had the Logitech Harmony 1100 remote control for a few years and have always found it very simple and easy to use.  Unfortunately when I recently purchased a new TV, my mind has been completely changed on Logitech products and their support.  When running the MyHarmony Desktop Software to update the remote, it never detects the remote and I therefore cannot update it to work with my new TV rendering it completely useless.

I have spent two days posting on and browsing forums (including the official Logitech one) and trying to get help from Logitech support, all to no avail.  Per forum suggestions, so far I have tried:

– 4 different USB cords, including one it came with
– two different Windows PC’s, and a Mac, all with latest Java updates and latest Harmony Software
– tried to connect with battery in AND with battery removed/powered only via USB
– installed LogitechHarmonyDriverPatch.pkg, still didn’t work


I would highly advise against purchasing another Logitech product if this is the kind of support they offer.  They did not give me a product, they gave me a problem.

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